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Silwet L-77
 产品货号: Silwet
 产品名称: Silwet L-77
 产品价格/规格: 10ml 350元/30ml 900元
 产品说明书: 点击查看
 更新时间: 2023-03-23
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  • Silwet L-77          拟南芥转化专用试剂

    Silwet L-77 is a chemical mixture of polyalkyleneoxide modified heptamethyltrisiloxane (84%) and allyloxypolyethyleneglycol methyl ether (16%). It is an essential infiltration media ingredient for all Agrobacterium-based transformations of Arabidopsis and other plants. 10 mL and 35 mL are sufficient quantity to prepare 33 L and 115 L of vacuum infiltration medium when used at the recommended rate of 0.03%, v/v, respectively.
    Typical Properties
            Physical appearance                  Clear, light amber liquid
    Pounds per gallon                          8.370
    Specific gravity                              1.0 - 1.01
    pH (1.0%)                                     6.0 - 7.0
    Freeze Point                            less than 35 degrees F
    Surface Tension (0.125% v/v)     less than 25 dynes/cm
    Contact Angle (0.125% v/v)        less than 5 degrees F
    Draves Wet Time (0.125% v/v)    less than 15.0 seconds
    General Product Information
    (1) SILWET L-77 contains organosilicone surfactants designed to provide superior wetting and coverage.
    (2) SILWET L-77 can improve water penetration of hard to wet soils and provide more uniform distribution of applied moisture.
    (3) SILWET L-77 is generally compatible with pesticides and fertilizer solutions.
    (4) SILWET L-77 may cause excessive foam if not properly added to the spray tank. To minimize foam generation, add SILWET L-77 to the tank after all other ingredients are added. If foaming is still a concern, add an antifoaming agent, such as FOAMBUSTER or COMBAT PLUS to the tank prior to adding SILWET L-77.
    (5) Do not allow spray mixes containing SILWET L-77 to sit over 36 hours.


     10ml   350元

    30ml    900元

  • 1. [IF=5.36] A UDP-glucosyltransferase PpUGT85A2 responsible for peach volatile glycosylation. .

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    2. [IF=3.59] Peach ethylene response factor PpeERF2 represses the expression of ABA biosynthesis and cell wall degradation genes during fruit ripening.

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    3. [IF=6.84] PpGST1, an anthocyanin-related glutathione S-transferase gene, is essential for fruit coloration in peach.

    Author:  Yun Zhao,, Weiqi Dong, Yongchao Zhu,, Andrew C. Allan, Kui Lin-Wang,and Changjie Xu. 

    Journal: Plant Biotechnology Journal 2019,1-12

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    4. [IF=4.4] The Photomorphogenic Transcription Factor PpHY5 Regulates Anthocyanin Accumulation in Response to UVA and UVB Irradiation.

    Author:  Yun Zhao, Ting Min, Miaojin Chen, Hongxun Wang, Changqing Zhu, Rong Jin,Andrew C. Allan, Kui Lin-Wang and Changjie Xu.

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    Paper link


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