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玻璃珠 Glass beads
 产品货号: SG8772
 产品名称: 玻璃珠 Glass beads
 产品价格/规格: 10g 160元/100g1500元
 产品说明书: 点击查看
 更新时间: 2023-03-23
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  • Glass beads, acid-washed

    Cat No:SG8772

    Store at Room Temperature

    直径:425-600 μm (30-40 U.S. sieve)

    Product Description

    Density:  2.5 g/ml
    Refractive index:  1.51-1.52
    Compressive strength (psi average):  36,000
    Poisson’s Ratio (psi):  0.21
    Rigidity Modulus (psi):  4.3 x 106
    Young’s Modulus (psi):  10 x 106
    Hardness (Knoop 100 g load):  515 kg/mm2
    Coefficient of friction (static):  0.9-1.0
    Chemical composition:  soda-lime silica glass
    Softening point (dilatometer):  589 °C
    Expansion Coefficient (25-300 °C):  85 x 107  per °C
    Strain point:  505 °C
    Annealing point:  548 °C
    Dielectric Constant:  1 Kc 7.6 D.C.
    Volume Resistivity (Ohm-cm):  25 °C 6.5 x 1012

    Lost tangent:   1 Kc 2.0% 100 Kc 1.0%.

        A bead size of 0.5 mm is recommended for use in breaking open yeast cells.  A protocol for the use of 0.45 to 0.55 mm acid-washed glass beads from Sigma for cell disruption of yeast cells has been published.


    10g 160元

    100g 1500元

    1. Ausbel, F. M., et al., Short Protocols in Molecular Biology, Greene Pub. Associates and Wiley-Interscience (N. Y. 1995), 3rd ed., 13-51.
    2. Jazwinski, S. M., Preparation of Extracts from Yeast.  Methods in Enzymology, 182, 163 (1990).


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